Armstrong Grocery Store Display

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Loretta and I made that Armstrong Grocery sign because we distinctly remember everything about it. That shelving unit actually came from the grocery store, which was right here on Main Street in the building opposite, next to the highway. Rex Armstrong comes in here frequently, he’s 94 years old. Rex is proud of the history of the store; I have pictures of his parents inside. Rex is a very special friend, his wife has Alzheimer’s. She was one of my favorite people, being a bit older than me, she always treated me–I was a young little brat–, like I was her age. We both grew up out in the country, we’ve known each other forever. 

I found that metal rack in here, I did not know what is was for, but I hung old hardware on it. Mr. Grantham never threw anything away. Loretta has her own key to the place and she told me that she came in several times for a piece of hardware when she fixed something in her house. 

With this rope you pulled yourself up on the elevator to the second floor. Before Mike and Lana and I realized how dangerous that elevator is, we were pulling ourselves up and bring stacks of boxes of “The Ryan Leader” newspaper (read a copy from 1909) down, which were in all the rooms. It was the easiest way to do it. One time Lana and I went up and Mike stayed below. He could see from there how rotten that wood of the elevator was. We never used it again after that and Mike finally tore it out.  

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