Hallway, Displays and Storage

From Free Masons to fishing, a collection of artefacts from Ryan, donated by its citizens or found by Laura and her friends. Click one image to enlarge it and see a slide show of all.

That’s the original curtain that was still on that door when I bought that building. I’ve never washed it because I was afraid it would fall to pieces. But you can still can see clearly through it.

In the fifties there was still a Masonic lodge in Ryan, it was started in the thirties. I was in the two storey building at the end of Main Street, the American Legion is on the bottom floor. There used to be huge dances. The street was filled up with cars, all around, all the side streets. Everybody from miles and miles around came to the American Legion dance here in Ryan. It was a big thing. I was never allowed to walk down that side of the street, not at night and not even in the afternoon before the dance.

A lot of people donate things of history to me. I can’t remember how I got that fish, it looks so real. And I’m not even a fisher person …

This hat is from a man who had just passed away, it was in an estate sale. It is the neatest American Legion hat I ever saw. I have never seen one like that before, not even in the charity meetings.

The candy machine was not in here. Jim bought it for Lana from the owner of one of the bowling alleys in Lawton when they got a new one. Jim and Lana bowled a lot there in their high school and college years.

This is the back storage area. I never moved any of those crates. There are baby caskets still in them. Several where out of the boxes, I moved them upstairs. I have friends here in town, who loose a dog. I give caskets away to them so they can bury their dogs.

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