Kitchen and Bathroom

The original kitchen of the Funeral Home rebuilt. Next to it is the bathroom, decorated with historical number plates.
Click one image to enlarge and see a slide show of the details.

That’s the little kitchen. It came to life during the pandemic because until then I kept the door closed and did not let anyone go in there. It really looked bad. My grandson came and painted it for me. We had so much fun decorating it. Most of the things in there are from the forties and fifties, the items on  top of the shelf are made of wood. I had an artist friend who used to paint wood to make it look like food items. She also did laundry packages and I regret I never bought any of these from her. She is an art teacher in Comanche. 

This way I covered up holes which were in the linoleum, not in the floor: I cut up a Spam can (see how another artist uses it) from the Armstrong Grocery Store right opposite the hallway. The key is still attached, it has never been used on that can.

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