Piano Room & Craft Room

The Piano Room connects the front part of the Parlor with the former storage and work spaces in the back. The small Craft Room shows a collage of important women from history. Click one image to enlarge and see a slide show of all.

The sofa has its maker’s name inside of it. It’s from New York and I googled it. The maker worked for the wealthy people, somehow it mentions English people. Mrs. Grantham brought it from a formal living room in her home to the funeral home. The fabric is some kind of silk, it’s a bit worn out, but the sofa is still very comfortable.

I wanted a baby doll like that when I was young. But my parents couldn’t afford that. That kind of doll was very expensive back then. I found her in a thrift shop in Bowie, Texas. 

That picture of Jesus was above the piano when I bought the building. The piano was dark brown, a dreary color. So I painted the piano during the pandemic, just to give me something to do. It took me a week. I had to prime it, the wood did not take the paint well. Then I scuffed it up to make it look like it was old. It brightens the room up a lot, compared to dark brown furniture.

That baby dress is very special. My mum’s good friend, long before she passed away, she gave me that dress. Her grandmother had made for her.

Go on through the door to the hallway, back storage, Armstrong Grocery display and kitchen.